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Delivery of deed by agentN.I.

6.—(1) Any rule of law which requires authority by one person to another to deliver an instrument as a deed on his behalf to be given by deed is abolished.

(2) Where a solicitor, or an agent or employee of a solicitor, in the course of, or in connection with, a transaction involving the sale or other disposition of—

(a)an estate in land; or

(b)an interest in the proceeds of sale of land,

purports to deliver an instrument as a deed on behalf of a party to the instrument, it is to be conclusively presumed in favour of a purchaser that he is authorised so to deliver the instrument.

(3) In paragraph (2)—

“disposition” includes a conveyance and also a devise, bequest or appointment of property by will;

“purchaser” means a purchaser in good faith for valuable consideration and includes a lessee, mortgagee or other person who, for valuable consideration, acquires an estate in land or an interest in the proceeds of sale of land; and, in relation to a legal estate, includes a chargee by way of legal mortgage.

(4) Nothing in this Article applies in relation to instruments delivered as deeds before the coming into operation of this Article.