Explanatory Memorandum

Firearms (Northern Ireland) Order 2004

2004 No. 702

Notes on Articles

Article 10 – Consequences of revocation

Sets out the actions that the Chief Constable and the holder of a firearm certificate must take as a consequence of revocation. In particular the Chief Constable must require the holder to surrender his certificate and the relevant firearms and ammunition.  In the case of partial revocation he must require the holder to produce the certificate for amendment and surrender the relevant firearms and ammunition.  The holder is guilty of an offence if he fails to comply within 21 days or within such further time as the Chief Constable may in special circumstances allow. The Chief Constable may also require the holder to dispose of the firearms and ammunition within a specified time.  In the event that the holder appeals against the revocation or partial revocation this will not apply unless the appeal is abandoned or dismissed, in which case it will apply with the date on which the appeal was abandoned or dismissed substituted for the original date of the Chief Constable’s notice.  If the holder does not dispose of the firearms the Chief Constable may order that they be destroyed or otherwise disposed of.