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Common tariff for conveyance of gas through designated pipe-linesN.I.

Designation of pipe-lines for purposes of common tariffN.I.

59.—(1) The Department, after consultation with the Authority, may by order designate any pipe-line as a pipe-line to which Article 60 applies; and references in that Article to a “designated pipe-line” are to a pipe-line which is designated under this Article.

(2) A pipe-line shall not be designated under this Article unless—

(a)it is a high-pressure pipe-line; or

(b)it is connected to a high-pressure pipe-line which is so designated.

(3) For the purposes of this Article a pipe-line is a high-pressure pipe-line if it has a design operating pressure exceeding 7 bar gauge.

(4) Before making an order under this Article, the Department shall give notice—

(a)stating that it proposes to make the order and setting out its effect; and

(b)specifying the time (not being less than 28 days from the date of publication of the notice) within which representations or objections with respect to the proposed order may be made,

and shall consider any representations or objections which are duly made and not withdrawn.

(5) An order under this Article may provide that the order (or so much thereof as designates any particular pipe-line) shall cease to have effect on the happening of any event specified in the order.

(6) If an order under this Article contains provision to the effect that the designation by the order of any particular pipe-line is, subject to any provision made by virtue of paragraph (5), to have effect for a period specified in the order, the Department shall not—

(a)revoke that order; or

(b)amend that order so that the designation of that pipe-line ceases to have effect,

before the end of that period.