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Marriage of person under 18N.I.

Order dispensing with relevant consentN.I.

23.—(1) A county court may make an order dispensing with the consents required by Article 22 in relation to a young person if it is satisfied that the proposed marriage is in the best interests of the young person and either—

(a)it is not reasonably practicable to obtain the consent of any person whose consent is required; or

(b)any person whose consent is required withholds or refuses his consent; or

(c)there is uncertainty as to whose consent is required.

(2) An application for an order under this Article may be made—

(a)by or on behalf of the young person; or

(b)by or on behalf of any person (including another young person) intending to marry a young person,

and without the intervention of a next friend.

(3) The decision of the county court on any application made under this Article shall be final and conclusive.