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Jurisdiction of county courtN.I.

20.—(1) A county court has jurisdiction to determine questions arising under this Chapter and to entertain proceedings brought under this Chapter and claims, for whatever amount, in connection with an introductory tenancy.

(2) That jurisdiction includes jurisdiction to entertain proceedings as to whether a statement supplied in pursuance of Article 18(2)(b) (written statement of certain terms of tenancy) is accurate notwithstanding that no other relief is sought than a declaration.

(3) If a person takes proceedings in the High Court which, by virtue of this Article, he could have taken in the county court, he is not entitled to recover any costs.

(4) County court rules may make provision for the purpose of giving effect to this Article.

(5) In particular, the rules may provide—

(a)for the exercise by a district judge of a county court of any jurisdiction exercisable under this Article, and

(b)for the conduct of proceedings in private.

Power to make further provisionN.I.

21.  Without prejudice to the generality of Article 147(2), the Department may by order make such provision in relation to a statutory provision as the Department considers appropriate as regards its application (with or without modifications) or non-application in relation to introductory tenants or introductory tenancies.