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The relevant sitesN.I.

The relevant sitesN.I.

9.—(1) In this Part references to a relevant site are references to an area of land which –

(a)on 2nd May 2002 was held by or on behalf of the Crown in right of Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom; and

(b)is made available to the Executive in pursuance of arrangements (known as “the reinvestment and reform initiative”) made between that Government and the Executive and announced on that date.

(2) Subject to the following provisions of this Part, the Office shall have power –

(a)to hold and manage a relevant site; and

(b)generally to implement the arrangements mentioned in paragraph (1)(b) so far as relating to relevant sites.

(3) A certificate signed by the First Minister and deputy First Minister that an area of land is a relevant site is conclusive evidence of that fact for the purposes of this Part.