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Formal investigationsN.I.

5.—(1) The Commission may decide to conduct a formal investigation for any purpose connected with the performance of its duties under Article 4(1).

(2) The Commission shall conduct a formal investigation if directed to do so by the Office for any such purpose.

(3) The Commission may at any time decide to stop or to suspend the conduct of a formal investigation; but any such decision requires the approval of the Office if the investigation is being conducted in pursuance of a direction under paragraph (2).

(4) The Commission may, with the approval of the Office, appoint, on a full-time or part-time basis, one or more individuals as additional Commissioners for the purposes of a formal investigation.

(5) The Commission may, as respects any formal investigation which it has decided or been directed to conduct—

(a)nominate one or more Commissioners, with or without one or more additional Commissioners appointed for the purposes of the investigation, to conduct the investigation on its behalf; and

(b)authorise those persons to exercise such of its functions in relation to the investigation (which may include drawing up or revising terms of reference) as it may determine.

(6) Schedule 1 (so far as relating to the conduct of formal investigations) has effect.