Article 5.


SCHEDULE of sums granted, and of the sums which may be applied as appropriations in aid in addition thereto, to defray the charges of the several services herein particularly mentioned, which will come in course of payment during the year ending on 3 1st March 2000 viz:—

VoteSums Granted (£)Appropriations in Aid (£)

1.  For expenditure on market support, grants for capital and other improvements, certain alternative land uses, support for agriculture in special areas, assistance to production and market development.


2.  For expenditure on development of the agriculture and the agricultural products industries, scientific and veterinary services, regional measures for farm support and enhancement of the countryside, watercourse management, sea defences, fisheries and forestry services, central administration and rural development.


3.  For expenditure on the administrative costs of the Executive of the Industrial Development Board, provision and maintenance of land and buildings, industrial development promotion, selective assistance and other services related to industry, and aircraft and shipbuilding.


4.  For expenditure on local enterprise, the Industrial Research and Technology Unit (including grants to the Northern Ireland Science Park Foundation), labour market services, development of tourism, energy efficiency, assistance to the gas and electricity industries (including residual costs in connection with the privatisation of the electricity industry in Northern Ireland), mineral exploration and other miscellaneous services, central administration and other miscellaneous services, including grants in aid.


5.  For expenditure on the Training and Employment Agency for administrative costs, youth and adult training, training in skills, management and enterprise training, community projects, redundancy payments to Action for Community Employment core workers, training to improve company competitiveness, and employment schemes and services including those for people with disabilities.


6.  For expenditure by the Office for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas.


7.  For expenditure on the Roads Service, ferry services, road safety, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland, the Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency, transport services and harbour services.


8.  For expenditure on housing services, including certain grants in aid.


9.  For expenditure on the Water Service and related services.


10.  For expenditure on the Environment and Heritage Service, urban affairs and lands, the Planning Service, the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, the Land Registers of Northern Ireland, the Rate Collection Agency, Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, Consolidated Fund contributions to local revenues, central administration, accommodation and miscellaneous services, the Construction Service, certain grants in aid and promotional activities and events.


11.  For expenditure on fire and related services.


12.  For expenditure on: pre-school education, schools, further education, higher education, teacher training, libraries, arts, museums, youth, sport, community relations, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, administration and certain miscellaneous services; grants and grants in aid to education and library boards for certain services and for certain student awards; grants and grants in aid to certain other bodies; and payments by the Department on behalf of the boards in respect of teachers' salaries.


13.  For expenditure on pensions, allowances, gratuities etc., certain payments to the Northern Ireland National Insurance Fund and certain payments on behalf of the education and library boards in respect of premature retirement compensation.


14.  For expenditure on hospital, community health and personal social services, Health and Social Services trusts, family health services and certain other services.


15.  For expenditure on superannuation benefits etc to or in respect of persons engaged in the health and personal social services or in other approved employment.


16.  For expenditure on grants to voluntary bodies, research, training, bursaries and further education and certain other services.


17.  For expenditure on administration, on agency charges, on expenditure incurred as part of the Welfare to Work initiative, on the promotion of Government policy on disability issues and on certain other services including a grant to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive for the administration costs of the Housing Benefit Scheme; on the administration of agency services for the Department of Social Security; and for the provision, including purchase, of accommodation and related works and other accommodation services and costs.


18.  For expenditure on non-contributory retirement pensions, Christmas bonus payments to pensioners, attendance allowance, invalid care allowance, severe disablement allowance, disability living allowance, disability working allowance, pensions, gratuities and sundry allowances for disablement and specified deaths arising from industrial causes, income support, payments of spousal and child maintenance, child benefit, family credit, jobseeker’s allowance (income based), jobseeker’s allowance (contribution based), back to work bonus, child maintenance bonus and expenditure incurred as part of the Welfare to Work initiative.


19.  For expenditure on grant in aid to the Independent Living Funds, contributions towards the cost of the Motability Equipment Fund and towards the administration costs of the Motability Scheme, a grant to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive for the payment of housing benefit (rent rebate, rent allowance, rates rebate and discretionary payments of rent allowance), sums payable for use as compensation payments to providers of existing supported accommodation, sums payable into the Social Fund for expenditure on community care grants, budgeting and crisis loans, maternity payments, funeral payments and cold weather and winter fuel payments, sums payable to the Northern Ireland National Insurance Fund as compensation payments in respect of statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay and expenditure incurred as part of the Welfare to Work initiative.


20.  For expenditure on financial administration, central management of the Civil Service, Central Secretariat, support for new institutions, Commissioner for Public Appointments, involvement in wider public sector personnel issues, the Valuation and Lands Agency, the Business Development Service, the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, the Government Purchasing Agency and other services, including certain miscellaneous expenses and grant in aid and other common services.


21.  For expenditure on pensions, lump sums and gratuities to former civil servants, pensions to widows, widowers, children and dependents and civil pensions and gratuities.


22.  For expenditure on community relations, cultural traditions, district council programmes and the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council.


23.  For expenditure of the Northern Ireland Assembly.


24.  For expenditure of the New Northern Ireland Assembly.


25.  For expenditure of the Northern Ireland Audit Office.


26.  For expenditure by the Parliamentary Ombudsman for Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Commissioner for Complaints.

TOTAL £4,282,418,000801,543,000