Suspension of benefit in prescribed circumstances

5.—(1) In relation to any time before the coming into operation of Article 21(2)(d), section 5(1) of the Administration Act (regulations about claims for and payments of benefit) shall have effect as if after paragraph (o) there were inserted the following paragraph—

(oo)for suspending payment, in whole or in part, where an appeal is pending against the decision given in a different case by a social security appeal tribunal, a Commissioner or a court, and it appears to the Department that if the appeal were to be determined in a particular way an issue would arise whether the award in the case itself ought to be revised;.

(2) In relation to any such time, paragraph 10(2) of Schedule 1 to the Jobseekers Order (supplementary provisions) shall have effect as if for the words “5(1)(o)” there were substituted the words “5(1)(o) or (oo)”.