Supplementary provisions

5.—(1) An order under Article 3(1) revoking a previous order may include transitional or incidental provision (including provision for the transfer of property, rights and liabilities from the old licensing authority to the new).

(2) Regulations under Article 3 or 4 shall be made by the Department and may include transitional provisions.

(3) Before making regulations under Article 3 or 4 the Department shall consult the Agency and such other bodies (if any) as the Department considers it appropriate to consult.

(4) The Agency may from time to time submit to the Department such proposals as the Agency considers appropriate for the making of regulations under Article 3 or 4; and where the Department proposes to make regulations in the form submitted under this paragraph, the requirement under paragraph (3) to consult the Agency shall not apply.

(5) Nothing in, or done by virtue of, this Order or regulations under it shall prejudice any of the relevant statutory provisions (whenever made) as defined in Article 2(2) of the [1978 NI 9.] Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 or anything done by virtue of any of those provisions.

(6) An order or regulations under Article 3 or 4 shall be subject to negative resolution.

(7) The Department may make grants to the licensing authority in respect of such of that authority’s expenses under this Order as are not met by fees; and grants under this paragraph may be made subject to such conditions, including conditions as to repayment, as the Department may determine.