Consequences of redemption

Lands in separate occupation subject to single ground rent

19.—(1) Where land comprised of two or more parcels vested in separate persons is subject to a single ground rent and the rent-payers do not combine under Article 8(7) to redeem the ground rent, the payment of the redemption money by a rent-payer entitled to any parcel or parcels frees all the parcels from the ground rent, and at the request of the person entitled to any other parcel or parcels the rent-payer or, where the certificate of redemption has been sealed, the Registrar on being satisfied of the facts shall deliver to that person a copy of the certificate of redemption.

(2) Where the rent-payer delivers a copy of the certificate of redemption under paragraph (1), he may, as a condition of delivering it, require the person making the request to pay not more than the appropriate sum to cover the cost of preparing and, where necessary, posting the copy; and for this purpose the appropriate sum is a sum equivalent to that prescribed under Article 46(1) as the fee payable to the Registrar for a similar service.

(3) A rent-payer entitled to any parcel or parcels who pays redemption money or money representing arrears or apportionment of ground rent or costs may require reimbursement of all or an appropriate part (as the case may be) of that money and of his costs in connection with the redemption—

(a)where he has been indemnified against payment of the ground rent or any part of it, from the indemnifior; or

(b)where he has not been so indemnified, from the person entitled to any other parcel, unless he himself has indemnified that person against any demand for ground rent;

and any such money and costs (without prejudice to any right of set-off or counterclaim) may be recovered by him in proceedings in any court of competent jurisdiction.