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Preparation and making of pilot schemesN.I.

Making of pilot schemesN.I.

8.—(1) If the Department approves proposals for a pilot scheme and notifies the board concerned in accordance with Article 7, the board must implement the proposals in accordance with directions given by the Department.

(2) A proposed participant in a pilot scheme (other than the board concerned) may withdraw at any time before the proposals relating to him are implemented.

(3) A pilot scheme, as implemented, may differ from the proposals for the scheme approved by the Department only if the Department agrees to the variation or—

(a)directions given by the Department (either under paragraph (1) or generally) authorise variations that satisfy specified requirements; and

(b)the variation satisfies those requirements.

(4) As soon as, is reasonably practicable after implementing proposals for a pilot scheme, the board concerned must (in accordance with any directions given to it by the Department) publish details of the scheme.