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Summoning of jurorsN.I.

Procedure for ascertaining attendance of jurorsN.I.

9.—(1) For the purpose of aiding the Juries Officer in ascertaining the persons who when summoned to attend as jurors have not so attended, at the commencement of the sitting of a court to which persons are summoned as jurors or as soon thereafter as is convenient an officer of the court shall, whether or not there is any business requiring the empanelling of a jury, call over the panel prepared by the Juries Officer and mark on it the names of all jurors who attended and answered when called.

[F1(1A) No person may be present in the court while the call over of the panel is conducted under paragraph (1) apart from—

(a)the judge of any court;

(b)the persons summoned to attend as jurors;

(c)the officer calling over the panel or any other officer of the court;

(d)a court security officer;

(e)any other person authorised for the purpose by the judge of any court.]

(2) Immediately after the termination of the sitting the officer shall return a copy of the panel marked in accordance with paragraph (1) to the Juries Officer who shall thereupon mark on the Jurors List the names of the jurors who attended in obedience to the jury summons.