Grants for purposes conducive to conservation

3.—(1) The Department of Agriculture, with the consent of the Department of Finance and Personnel, may by regulations make provisions for an in connection with the making of grants to persons who do, or who undertake to the Department of Agriculture that they will do, anything which in the opinion of that Department is conducive to—

(a)the conservation or enhancement of the natural beauty or amenity of the countryside (including its flora and fauna and geological and physiographical features) or of any features of archaeological interest there; or

(b)the promotion of the enjoyment of the countryside by the public.

(2) Regulations under this Article may—

(a)make different provision for different areas;

(b)provide for grants to be made subject to conditions;

(c)confer power on the Department of Agriculture to modify, in any particular case, the conditions to which a grant would otherwise be subject, if it is satisfied that the making of that grant, subject to the conditions as so modified, is consistent with the purposes for which the regulations are made;

(d)make provision for or in connection with the recovery of any sums paid by way of grant, or the withholding of any further payments of grant, in cases where the applicant for the grant—

(i)in making the application, or in furnishing any information in connection with the application, has made a statement which was false or misleading in a material respect;

(ii)has failed to do something which he undertook to do if the grant was made; or

(iii)is in breach of any condition subject to which the grant was made.

(3) Regulations under this Article shall be subject to negative resolution.

(4) The powers conferred by this Article are in addition to any other powers of the Department of Agriculture.