SCHEDULE 1Street Works Licences

Removal of apparatus

7.—(1) Where a street works licence expires or is withdrawn or surrendered, the street authority may remove the apparatus to which the licence relates or alter it in such manner as the street authority thinks fit and reinstate the street, and may recover from the former licensee the expenses incurred by it in doing so.

(2) If the street authority is satisfied that the former licensee can, within such reasonable time as it may specify, remove the apparatus or alter it in such manner as it may require and reinstate the street, it may authorise him to do so at his own expense.

(3) Before executing any works under this paragraph the street authority or the former licensee, as the case may be, shall give not less than 7 working days' notice to any person whose apparatus is likely to be affected and shall satisfy his requirements as to the method of executing the works and as to the supervision of the works by him.

(4) In this paragraph and paragraph 8 “the former licensee” means the person who immediately before the expiry, withdrawal or surrender of a street works licence was the licensee or, if that person has died, his personal representative.