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General provisions as to orders and regulationsN.I.

110.—(1) Except as is otherwise expressly provided by this Order, orders made by the Department under this Order shall be subject to negative resolution.

(2) The Department may make regulations prescribing anything which is to be prescribed and providing for any matter in regard to which regulations may be made under the provisions of this Order.

(3) Except as is otherwise provided by paragraph (4), regulations made under this Order shall be subject to negative resolution.

(4) Regulations—

(a)made under Article 6, 13(2), 19(3) or 23; or

(b)made under Article 24 for the purposes of paragraph (3) or (4) of that Article,

shall be subject to affirmative resolution.

(5) Without prejudice to the provisions of section 17(3) of the Interpretation Act (Northern Ireland) 1954F1, any regulations made under this Order may be of a local, as opposed to public general, nature and may be limited in their application to a particular area.

Savings and transitional provisionsN.I.

111.—(1) Nothing in this Order shall authorise any person to use on any road any vehicle so constructed or used as to cause a public or private nuisance, or shall affect any liability of the driver or owner of a vehicle whether under statute or common law.

(2) Nothing in regulations made under Article 69(5) or in Article 71 shall be taken to authorise the carriage for reward of any passengers or any luggage or goods contrary to [F2Part 2] of the Transport Act (Northern Ireland) 1967F3 [F4or the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act (Northern Ireland) 2010] .

(3) The Department may by order make such transitional provision as appears to it necessary or expedient for the purpose of giving effect to this Order.

(4) Nothing in this Article, or in an order made under paragraph (3), shall prejudice the operation of the Interpretation Act (Northern Ireland) 1954.

Art. 112—Amendments and repeals