1.—(1) Notice under Article 49 may be served—

(a)upon the owner or occupier of the land directing him—

(i)to remove any building or structure whether permanent or temporary, the removal of which is in the opinion of the Department expedient for the prevention of any such danger as is mentioned in that Article;

(ii)to provide or improve any means of access to any building or structure;

(iii)to provide or improve any accommodation for vehicles standing or waiting for any purpose connected with the user of any building or structure;

(b)upon the owner or occupier of the land directing him to alter the height or character of any wall, fence, hoarding, tree or hedge thereon so as to cause it to conform with any requirements specified in the notice; or

(c)upon every owner, occupier or lessee of the land restraining him, either absolutely or subject to such conditions as may be specified in the notice, from permitting any building, wall, fence, hoarding, tree or hedge to be erected or planted on the land.

(2) There shall be annexed to any notice served under Article 49 a plan showing the land to which the notice relates; and notice of the right of objection shall be given in the notice.