Concession agreements relating to special roads

Leasing of land to concessionaire

26.—(1) Where the Department has entered into a concession agreement it may grant to the concessionaire a lease of any land if it appears to the Department to be expedient to do so for the purpose of or in connection with the exercise by the concessionaire of his functions under the agreement.

(2) No statutory provision or rule of law regulating the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants shall prejudice the operation of an agreement between the Department and the concessionaire as to the terms on which land which is the subject of a lease granted under paragraph (1) is provided for the concessionaire’s use.

(3) Accordingly no such statutory provision or rule of law applies in relation to the rights and obligations of the parties to a lease so granted—

(a)so as to exclude or modify in any respect any of the rights and obligations of those parties under the terms of the lease, whether with respect to the termination of the tenancy or any other matter;

(b)so as to confer or impose on either party any right or obligation arising out of or connected with anything done or omitted on or in relation to land which is the subject of the lease, in addition to any such right or obligation provided for by the terms of the lease;

(c)so as to restrict the enforcement (whether by action for damages or otherwise) by either party to the lease of any obligation of the other party under the lease.