Explanatory Note

(This note is not part of the Order)

This Order is made only for purposes corresponding to those of sections 16, 18 and 29 to 32 of the Criminal Justice Act 1993. The principal provisions of the Order—

(a)create offences—

(i)of failing to disclose to a constable, as soon as reasonably practicable, knowledge or suspicion that another person is engaged in money laundering proceeds of drug trafficking, where that knowledge or suspicion is gained in the course of a person’s employment;

(ii)of disclosing information likely to prejudice an investigation into money laundering proceeds of criminal conduct, knowing or suspecting that an investigation is being or is about to be carried out, or that a disclosure has been made to a constable; and

(iii)of acquiring, possessing or using any property knowing that it is or represents another person’s proceeds of criminal conduct;

(b)extend the offences—

(i)of assisting another to retain or use another’s proceeds of drug trafficking knowing or suspecting that the other person is or has been engaged in or has benefited from drug trafficking; and

(ii)of concealing or transferring the proceeds of drug trafficking whether one’s own or another person’s for the purpose of avoiding prosecution or the making or enforcing of a confiscation order,

to other criminal conduct.