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Restriction on application of this OrderN.I.

7.—(1) Nothing in Article 3 has effect in relation to any offence committed before the commencement of that Article.

(2) Paragraph (3)(a) of Article 3—

(a)shall not affect the continued operation of Article 4 of the [1978 NI 26] Health and Personal Social Services (Northern Ireland) Order 1978, as in operation before the date of the coming into operation of that Article 3(3)(a), in a case where the relevant use of which evidence has been or would be given in support of a complaint or application under that Article 4 (as so in operation) took place before that date, and

(b)accordingly shall, in particular, not affect—

(i)any complaint or application made under that Article 4 before that date, or

(ii)any order so made;

and no complaint or application shall be made on or after that date under that Article 4 (as for the time being in operation) in respect of any relevant use which took place before that date.

(3) In paragraph (2) “relevant use” means use of any such automatic machine as is mentioned in that Article 4.