Widowers' and widows' pensions: supplemental

4.—(1) The section set out in paragraph (2) shall be inserted—

(a)in the Act of 1959 in substitution for section 123 of that Act;

(b)in the Act of 1960 in substitution for section 5 of that Act; and

(c)in the Act of 1951 in substitution for section 7 of that Act.

(2) The section is as follows—

Widows' and widowers' pensions.

. .(1) No widow’s or widower’s pension may be granted if the marriage with the deceased took place after he or she retired from relevant service.

(2) A widow’s or widower’s pension shall come to an end on the death of the widow or widower.

(3) Where a widow’s or widower’s pension is payable the Treasury may, on or at any time after the re-marriage of the widow or widower, direct that it shall cease to be payable.

(4) Where such a direction has been given the Treasury may at any time direct that payment of the pension is to be resumed.

(5) The annual amount of a widow’s or widower’s pension may be one half of the annual amount of the personal pension.