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[F1Declaration of parentage, legitimacy or legitimationN.I.

32.(1) Any person may apply to the court for a declaration—

Sub‐para. (a) rep. by 2000 c. 4 (NI)

(b)that he is the legitimate child of his parents.

(2) Any person may apply to the court for one (or for one or, in the alternative, the other) of the following declarations, that is to say—

(a)a declaration that he has become a legitimated person;

(b)a declaration that he has not become a legitimated person.

(3) A court shall have jurisdiction to entertain an application under this Article if (and only if) the applicant—

(a)is domiciled in Northern Ireland on the date of the application; or

(b)has been habitually resident in Northern Ireland throughout the period of one year ending with that date.

(4) Where a declaration is made on an application under paragraph (1), the prescribed officer of the court shall notify the Registrar General, in such a manner and within such period as may be prescribed, of the making of that declaration.

(5) In this Article—