Article 27(1).


The Coal Mines Regulation Act 1908 (c. 57)

1.  In section 2 (register of times of descent and ascent), subsection (2) shall be omitted.

2.  In section 8 (application of Act, etc.), for subsection (1) substitute—

(1) The mines to which the Act applies are mines of coal, mines of stratified ironstone, mines of shale and mines of fireclay..

The Post Office Act 1969 (c. 48)

3.  In section 81(1) for “the Wages Councils (Northern Ireland) Order 1982” substitute “Part III of the Wages (Northern Ireland) Order 1988”.

The Mines Act (Northern Ireland) 1969 (c. 6 (N.I.))

4.  In section 161(2) (application of that Act to certain statutory provisions) for “the said Acts” substitute “the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1908”.

The Northern Ireland Assembly Disqualification Act 1975 (c. 25)

5.  In part III of Schedule 1 (other disqualifying offices), for the second entry beginning “Member of a Wages Council” substitute— “Member of a Wages Council appointed under paragraph 1(b) of Schedule 2 to the Wages (Northern Ireland) Order 1988”.

The Industrial Relations (Northern Ireland) Order 1976 (NI 16)

6.  In Article 62(1) (general provisions as to conciliation) after subparagraph (aa) insert

; or

(ab)arising out of a contravention, or alleged contravention, of Article 3(1) or (2) or Article 4(1) or 5(4) of the Wages (Northern Ireland) Order 1988,.

The Industrial Relations (No. 2) (Northern Ireland) Order 1976 (NI 28)

7.  In Article 8(2) (exemption orders), for sub-paragraph (a) substitute—

(a)Article 15 of the Wages (Northern Ireland) Order 1988;.

The Judgments Enforcement (Northern Ireland) Order 1981 (NI 6)

8.  In part I of Schedule 1 (deductions under attachment of earnings order) for paragraph 3(c) substitute—

(c)amounts deductible under any statutory provision, or in pursuance of a request in writing by the debtor, for the purposes of a superannuation scheme, namely any statutory provision, rules, deed or other instrument providing for the payment of annuities or lump sums—

(i)to the persons with respect to whom the instrument has effect on their retirement at a specified age or on becoming incapacitated at some earlier age, or

(ii)to the personal representatives or the widows, relatives or dependants of such persons on their death or otherwise, whether with or without any further or other benefits..

The Magistrates' Courts (Northern Ireland) Order 1981 (NI 26)

9.  In Article 102(10) (deductions under attachment of earnings order) for “the Wages Councils Act (Northern Ireland) 1945” substitute “paragraph 3(c) of Schedule 1 to the Judgments Enforcement (Northern Ireland) Order 1981”.