Terms of reference for formal investigations by Equal Opportunities Commission

8.—(1) In Article 58 of the principal Order (terms of reference for formal investigations by the Equal Opportunities Commission), after paragraph (3) there shall be inserted the following paragraph—

(3A) Where the terms of reference of the investigation confine it to the activities of persons named in them and the Commission in the course of the investigation proposes to investigate any act made unlawful by this Order which they believe that a person so named may have done, the Commission shall—

(a)inform that person of the Commission’s belief and of the Commission’s proposal to investigate the act in question; and

(b)offer him an opportunity of making oral or written representations with regard to it (or both oral and written representations if he thinks fit);

and a person so named who avails himself of an opportunity under this paragraph of making oral representations may be represented—

(i)by counsel or a solicitor; or

(ii)by some other person of his choice, not being a person to whom the Commission objects on the ground that he is unsuitable..

(2) In paragraph (4) of that Article, for “and (3)” there shall be substituted “, (3) and (3A)”.