Private households and small undertakings and partnerships

3.—(1) In Article 8 of the principal Order (unlawful discrimination against women in the employment field), paragraph (3) (which exempts private households and undertakings of five employees or less) shall cease to have effect.

(2) In Article 10(2) of the principal Order (cases where being a man is a genuine occupational qualification), after sub-paragraph (b) there shall be inserted the following sub-paragraph—

(bb)the job is likely to involve the holder of the job doing his work, or living, in a private home and needs to be held by a man because objection might reasonably be taken to allowing to a woman—

(i)the degree of physical or social contact with a person living in the home, or

(ii)the knowledge of intimate details of such a person’s life,

which is likely, because of the nature or circumstances of the job or of the home, to be allowed to, or available to, the holder of the job; or.

(3) In Article 14(1) of the principal Order (unlawful discrimination against a woman in relation to a position as a partner by firms consisting of six or more partners), the words “consisting of six or more partners” shall cease to have effect.