Admission of visiting teams, etc.

40.—(1) Notwithstanding paragraphs 14 and 15 of Schedule 1 or any rule required to be made by those paragraphs by a registered club, where a team or other body of persons who are, as members of another club (whether registered or not), society or organisation, visiting a registered club for the purpose of taking part in or in the organisation of or arrangements for, any pastime, sport, game or recreation at the registered club, the secretary or other officer of the club being visited may enter in the book required to be kept by that paragraph 14 the name of the club, society or organisation visiting that club and the number of such persons without specifying their names and addresses and intoxicating liquor may be supplied to such persons at the request and in the presence of any officer of the registered club being visited on the occasion of that visit.

(2) The admission of persons to whom paragraph (1) applies shall be disregarded for the purposes of paragraph 13 of Schedule 1.