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N.I.Orders, etc. respecting the Dundrod Circuit

4.—(1) At the end of paragraph (1) of Article 4 add the words “ and within the race area ”.N.I.

(2) After paragraph (2) of that Article insert the following paragraph—

(2A) Where an order has been made under Article 3 (as modified by paragraph 3), the Department may, after consultation with the Chief Constable, specify the roads or other approaches which shall, or shall not, be permitted to be used for entry into the race area, and the points on the roads or approaches permitted to be so used at which—

(a)the driver or person in charge of any vehicle, other than a vehicle exempted from the requirements of the order, will be required to display or produce a vehicle badge, and

(b)any other person, other than a person exempted from the requirements of the order , will be required to produce a spectator badge,

before entering the race area.

(3) In paragraph (3) of that Article after the word “directions” insert the words “ and in relation to any matter specified under paragraph (2A). ”