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N.I.Orders, etc. respecting the Dundrod Circuit

3.—(1) In paragraph (1) of Article 3, after the word “days” insert the words “ (not exceeding three in number) ”.N.I.

(2) Paragraph (4) of that Article shall be omitted.

(3) After paragraph (7) of that Article there shall be inserted the following paragraphs—

(7A) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (6) an order under this Article may—

(a)authorise the promoters of any race to provide and place on sale spectator badges and vehicle badges;

(b)fix a price or prices for a spectator badge and vehicle badge not exceeding in respect of each person or, as the case may be, each vehicle such amount as may be prescribed by regulations made by the Department subject to negative resolution; and

(c)provide that no person or vehicle shall be permitted to enter the race area during the days or parts of days specified in the order other than—

(i)a person or vehicle exempted by that order or otherwise in pursuance of this Order;

(ii)a person by or in respect of whom a spectator badge is produced to a constable or marshal;

(iii)a vehicle displaying a vehicle badge, or a vehicle the driver or person in charge of which produces a vehicle badge to a constable or marshal;

(7B) Where an order under this Article imposes requirements by virtue of paragraph (7A), it shall provide, so far as practicable, for the exemption from those requirements of —

(a)persons residing in the race area;

(b)vehicles usually kept in the race area; and

(c)persons or vehicles entering or leaving the race area for purposes unconnected with the motor races in respect of which the order is made.