SCHEDULE 1Minor and consequential amendments

Registration of Clubs (Northern Ireland) Order 1996

14.  The Registration of Clubs Order is amended as follows.

15.—(1) Article 2 (interpretation) is amended as follows.

(2) In paragraph (2), omit the definition of “children’s certificate”.

(3) After paragraph (4) insert—

(5) In this Order (other than Part 4A) any reference to a district commander for a police district includes a reference to any other member of the Police Service of Northern Ireland nominated by the district commander..

16.  In Article 16(5) (alteration of register of clubs), for “Department” substitute “Department of Justice”.

17.  In Article 32(5) (prohibition on young persons from bars: exception where meal being eaten), in sub-paragraph (a), after “a meal” insert “consisting of at least a main course and”.

18.  In Article 52(1) (modifications of Schedules), for “, 4 and 5” substitute “and 4”.

19.  In Schedule 1 (provisions to be included in club rules), after paragraph 13 (day membership at sporting clubs) insert—

13A.  But paragraph 13 entitles a person to use facilities of the club on the day in question only if the person also engages in sporting activities of the club on that day; and paragraph 14 applies subject to this paragraph..

20.  In Schedule 2 (applications for grant of registration), omit paragraph 5.