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PART 4 N.I.Human Transplantation

Duty to promote transplantationN.I.

15—(1) The Department must—

(a)promote transplantation, and

(b)provide information and increase awareness about transplantation and the donation for transplantation of parts of the human body.

(2) The duty under subsection (1) includes in particular a duty to promote a campaign informing the public at least once a year.

Annual report on transplantationN.I.

16—(1) The Department must lay before the Assembly, in respect of each financial year, a report about transplantation in that year.

(2) The report must include—

(a)the steps taken by the Department to fulfil the duties set out in section 15, and

(b)the number and nature of transplantations carried out.

(3) At least once every five financial years, the report must include—

(a)the opinion of the Department as to whether this Act has been effective in promoting transplantation, and

(b)any recommendations the Department considers appropriate for amending the law so as to promote transplantation.