Explanatory Memorandum

Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Northern Ireland) 2016

2016 CHAPTER 26

12 May 2016

Hansard Reports

15.The following table sets out the dates of the Hansard reports for each stage of the Act’s passage through the Assembly and the date Royal Assent was achieved.

First stage.30 November 2015
Second stage.8 December 2015
Committee stage - briefing from Departmental officials, Cancer Prevention Focus and BMA Public Health Forum.7 January 2016
Committee stage - Committee discussion of clauses.13 January 2016
Committee stage - Informal clause-by clause scrutiny.20 January 2016
Committee stage - Formal clause-by-clause scrutiny.27 January 2016
Committee’s report on the Act - Report number NIA 294/11-16.3 February 2016
Consideration stage.22 February 2016
Further Consideration stage.7 March 2016
Final stage.15 March 2016
Royal Assent.12 May 2016