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PART 2 N.I.Licensing of Houses in multiple occupation

Duration and renewalN.I.

Duration of HMO licenceN.I.

19—(1) An HMO licence has effect from—

(a)the date on which notice of the decision to grant it is served under paragraph 13 of Schedule 2, or

(b)such later date as may be specified in the licence.

(2) An HMO licence has effect for—

(a)5 years, or

(b)such shorter period, of not less than 6 months, as may be specified in the licence.

(3) Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply to a licence which is treated as having been granted in accordance with paragraph 12(6) of Schedule 2.

(4) Such a licence—

(a)has effect from the date by which the council was required by that paragraph to determine the application, and

(b)has effect for 1 year.

(5) Subsections (2) and (4)(b) are subject to the following provisions, which provide for the date on which a licence is to cease to have effect in certain circumstances—

(a)section 21 (effect on existing licence where application is made to renew);

(b)section 23 (revocation of licence);

(c)section 27 (surrender of licence);

(d)section 28 (change of ownership of property);

(e)section 29 (death of licence holder).

Commencement Information

I1S. 19 in operation at 1.4.2019 by S.R. 2019/39, art. 2 (with art. 3)