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SCHEDULE 2N.I.Applications for HMO licences: requirements and procedure


Regulations regarding notice of applicationN.I.

2—(1) The Department must make regulations providing for the giving of notice of the making of applications for an HMO licence.N.I.

(2) Regulations under sub-paragraph (1) may in particular—

(a)require the applicant to cause notice of an application to be displayed on or near the HMO in question, or to cause such notice to be published in one or more newspapers circulating in the locality of the HMO;

(b)permit or require the council to cause such notice to be displayed or published, either at the council's expense or at the applicant's expense;

(c)specify information which must be displayed or published in or together with notice of an application, which may include notice of a right to make representations about the application and of the manner and period in which such representations must be made;

(d)specify requirements as to the form and manner of notice of an application, and the period for which it must be displayed or published;

(e)provide (subject to such conditions as may be specified in the regulations) for exceptions from any requirement to display or publish notice, in particular where the council is satisfied that displaying or publishing a notice would be likely to jeopardise the safety or welfare of any persons or the security of any premises;

(f)provide for the consequences of failing to comply with requirements imposed by the regulations (and such consequences may include permitting or requiring the council to cease to consider the application in question).

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I1Sch. 2 para. 2 in operation at 1.4.2019 by S.R. 2019/39, art. 2 (with art. 3)

Notice to statutory authoritiesN.I.

3  The council must send a copy of any application for an HMO licence to the statutory authorities.N.I.

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I2Sch. 2 para. 3 in operation at 1.4.2019 by S.R. 2019/39, art. 2 (with art. 3)

Representations in response to noticesN.I.

4—(1) A representation made in response to a notice under regulations under paragraph 2 is valid only if it—N.I.

(a)is made in writing,

(b)sets out the name and address of the person making the representation, and

(c)is made on or before the deadline for making written representations.

(2) The deadline for making written representations is to be set out in, or determined under, regulations made by the Department.

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I3Sch. 2 para. 4 in operation at 1.4.2019 by S.R. 2019/39, art. 2 (with art. 3)