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SCHEDULE 3N.I.Extension by panel of period of authorisation

Medical reportN.I.

5—(1) The medical report must be in the prescribed form and must—N.I.

(a)be made by a medical practitioner who is unconnected with P and is permitted by regulations under section 300 to make the report;

(b)include a statement by the medical practitioner that, in his or her opinion, the criteria for continuation are met in respect of each measure specified under paragraph 4(1)(b); and

(c)include any prescribed information.

(2) The medical practitioner must have examined P not more than two days before the date when the report is made.

(3) See also sections 54 and 55 (involvement of nominated person and independent mental capacity advocate).

Commencement Information

I1Sch. 3 para. 5 in operation at 2.12.2019 for specified purposes by S.R. 2019/163, art. 2(4), Sch. Pt. 4 (with art. 3) (as amended by S.R. 2019/190, art. 2)