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SCHEDULE 2N.I.Authorisation of short-term detention in hospital for examination etc

Part 2N.I.The authorisation

Medical reportN.I.

4—(1) The medical report included in a report under paragraph 2 must be in the prescribed form and must—N.I.

(a)be made by a medical practitioner who is unconnected with P and is permitted by regulations under section 300 to make the report;

(b)include a statement by the person making the medical report that in that person's opinion the criteria for authorisation are met; and

(c)include any prescribed information.

(2) The maker of the medical report must have examined P not more than [F1two days] [F1five days] before the date when the medical report is made.

(3) See also sections 54 and 55 (involvement of nominated person and independent mental capacity advocate).

Textual Amendments

F1Words in Sch. 2 para. 4(2) substituted (temp.) (2.4.2020) by virtue of Coronavirus Act 2020 (c. 7), s. 87(2), Sch. 11 para. 6 (with ss. 88-90, Sch. 11 para. 2); S.R. 2020/58, art. 2(e)

Commencement Information

I1Sch. 2 para. 4 in operation at 2.12.2019 for specified purposes by S.R. 2019/163, art. 2(4), Sch. Pt. 4 (with art. 3) (as amended by S.R. 2019/190, art. 2)