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PART 3 N.I.Learner and new drivers

Training of provisional licence holders in certain cases etc.N.I.

Revocation of licence: forged etc. logbookN.I.

18—(1) In the Order of 1981—

(a)in Article 11A (driving after refusal or revocation of licence), in paragraph (1)(a) in sub-paragraph (ii) after “Article 10(1) or (2)” insert “ or 15ZA(2) ”,

(b)in the italic heading before Article 13 (grant of licences), at the end add “ etc. ”,

(c)after Article 15, insert—

Revocation of licence: producing etc. forged logbook

15ZA(1) Where a person is convicted of an offence under paragraph(2)(a) or (b) of Article 174 in respect of a document referred to at paragraph (2A)(da) of that Article (a logbook), the court must send notice of the conviction to the Department.

(2) Where the Department is sent notice under paragraph (1), it mayserve notice in writing on the person—

(a)revoking his licence with effect from such date as may be specified in the notice served by it, not being earlier than the date of service,

(b)requiring him forthwith to surrender his licence to the Department.

(3) A person whose licence is revoked by notice under paragraph (2)must deliver up his licence forthwith to the Department.

(4) A person who, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with theduty under paragraph (3) is guilty of an offence under this Order.

(5) A person does not fail to comply with the duty under paragraph (3)where—

(a)he cannot surrender his licence forthwith in consequence of the fact that he is not in possession of it, having surrendered it to a constable or authorised person (within the meaning of Part IV of the Offenders Order) on receiving a fixed penalty notice given to him under Article 60 of that Order, and

(b)he surrenders the licence to the Department immediately on its return to him..

(2) In Part 1 of Schedule 1 to the Offenders Order (prosecution and punishment of offences under the Road Traffic Orders), after the entry relating to offences under Article 15(7) of the Order of 1981 insert—

Article 15ZA(4)Provisional licence holder failing, when his licence is revoked pursuant to being convicted in connection with producing etc. forged logbook, to surrender the licence.Summarily.Level 3 on the standard scale..