Explanatory Memorandum

Reservoirs Act (Northern Ireland) 2015

2015 CHAPTER 8

24 July 2015

Commentary on Sections

Part 1 – Controlled Reservoirs, Registration and Reservoir Designation

Section 20 - Review by Department of its decision under section 17 or 18

Section 20 enables reservoir managers to apply for a review of the Department’s decision on reservoir designations made under section 17 or 18. Subsection (2) requires an application for review to be in writing and to be made within 90 days beginning with the date on which the notice of the reservoir designation was served. Subsection (3) details the information that the Department must take into account when considering a review and enables the Department to commission a civil engineer who is a member of a panel established under section 102 who in accordance with an order made under that section may be commissioned under section 20 in relation to the reservoir concerned (“an appropriate panel engineer”) or other person, to make recommendations regarding the designation.

Subsection (4) makes it explicit that the reservoir designation continues to apply until the review is complete and subsection (5) provides that, if the review results in the designation being changed, then the previous designation ceases to apply from the date of the Department’s decision and the different designation takes effect on the day after the date of the notice of the decision.

Subsection (6) requires the Department to notify the reservoir manager of its decision in a review and details the content of the notice. Subsection (7) provides a power to make regulations which would contain more detailed provision in relation to applications and reviews, for example as to the information to be provided by an applicant, the procedure in a review.