Disclosure of information about transaction costs to members etc.

43.  In section 109 of the Pension Schemes Act (disclosure of information about schemes to members etc.), after subsection (4) insert—

(5) The Department must make regulations under subsection (1) requiring information about some or all of the transaction costs of a relevant scheme to be given to some or all of the persons mentioned in subsection (2).

(6) The Department must by regulations make provision requiring the publication of information about—

(a)some or all of the transaction costs of a relevant scheme, and

(b)some or all of the administration charges imposed on members of a relevant scheme.

(7) Regulations under subsection (6) may require other relevant information to be published along with information about transaction costs or administration charges in relation to a scheme.

(8) “Other relevant information” means other information which would or may assist in making comparisons between those costs or charges and costs or charges in relation to other schemes.

(9) In this section—

“administration charge” has the meaning given by paragraph 1(5) of Schedule 18 to the Pensions Act (Northern Ireland) 2015;

“relevant scheme” means a money purchase scheme that is an occupational pension scheme..