Explanatory Memorandum

Carrier Bags Act (Northern Ireland) 2014

2014 CHAPTER 7

28 April 2014

14. Hansard Reports

The following table sets out the dates of the Hansard reports for each stage of the Act’s passage through the Assembly.

Introduction to the Assembly3 June 2013
Introduction of the Act to the Committee for the Environment6 June 2013
Second Stage debate11 June 2013
Committee Stage – evidence from the Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association, the Northern Ireland Retail Consortium, Northern Ireland Environment Link and the Northern Ireland Local Government Association.26 September 2013
Committee Stage – Departmental briefing3 October 2013
Committee Stage – Departmental briefing10 October 2013
Committee Stage – Informal Clause-by-Clause Consideration17 October 2013
Committee Stage - Informal Clause-by-Clause Consideration7 November 2013
Committee Stage – Departmental briefing21 November 2013
Committee Stage – Formal Clause-by-Clause scrutiny21 November 2013
Committee’s report on the Act – Report number NIA 125/11-1526 November 2013
Consideration Stage in the Assembly28 January 2014
Further Consideration Stage25 February 2014
Final Stage10 March 2014
Royal Assent28 April 2014