Section 3(2)(a).

SCHEDULE 3Scope of scheme regulations: supplementary matters

1.  Eligibility and admission to membership.

This includes—

(a)specifying who, of the persons in relation to whom the scheme regulations may be made, is eligible for membership;

(b)conditions of eligibility.

2.  The benefits which must or may be paid under the scheme.

Those benefits may include—

(a)pensions and other benefits on leaving service to which the scheme relates (whether before, at or after normal pension age);

(b)benefits payable on death (in service or otherwise);

(c)compensation payments (including for death, injury or redundancy);

(d)discretionary payments and concessions.

3.  The persons to whom benefits under the scheme are payable.

Those persons may include—

(a)active, deferred and pensioner members of the scheme;

(b)pension credit members of the scheme;

(c)widows, widowers, surviving civil partners and surviving dependants.

4.  The conditions subject to which benefits are payable.

5.  The assignment of benefits, including restrictions on assignment.

6.  The forfeiture or suspension of benefits.

7.  The recovery of overpaid benefits.

8.  The exclusion of double recovery of compensation or damages.

This includes—

(a)exclusion or modification of rights to compensation or damages in respect of any matter in a case where benefits are paid under the scheme in respect of the same matter;

(b)exclusion or modification of rights to benefits under the scheme where compensation or damages are received in respect of the same matter from another source.

9.  Contributions, including—

(a)the making of contributions by employers and members;

(b)contribution rates;

(c)interest on late payment of contributions;

(d)the return of contributions (with or without interest).

10.  The payment or receipt of transfer values or other lump sum payments for the purpose of creating or restoring rights to benefits (under the scheme or otherwise).

11.  Pension funds (for schemes which have them).

This includes the administration, management and winding-up of any pension funds.

12.  The administration and management of the scheme, including—

(a)the giving of guidance or directions by the responsible authority to the scheme manager (where those persons are different);

(b)the person by whom benefits under the scheme are to be provided;

(c)the provision or publication of information about the scheme.

13.  The delegation of functions under scheme regulations, including—

(a)delegation of functions by the scheme manager or responsible authority;

(b)further delegation of functions by any delegatee.

14.  The payment by an employer of—

(a)any costs relating to the administration of the scheme;

(b)any costs incurred because of a failure by the employer to comply with the employer’s obligations under the scheme;

(c)interest relating to payments to be made by virtue of this paragraph.

15.  The resolution of disputes and appeals (including the referral to a court of law of questions of law which under the scheme fall to be determined by the responsible authority).