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SCHEDULE 1N.I.The Education Authority

Chair and appointed membersN.I.

4—(1) Subject to the provisions of this paragraph, the Chair and the appointed members of the Authority shall hold and vacate office in accordance with the terms of their respective appointments.N.I.

(2) An appointment as Chair or an appointed member shall be for a specified period of not more than 4 years.

(3) A person holding office as Chair or appointed member may at any time resign that office by notice in writing to the Department.

(4) The Department may by notice in writing remove a person from office as Chair or appointed member if satisfied that the person—

(a)has, without reasonable excuse, failed to discharge the functions of the office for a continuous period of 6 months,

(b)is the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order (or interim order) or a debt relief restrictions order,

(c)has failed to comply with the terms of appointment,

(d)has been convicted of an indictable offence, or

(e)is otherwise unable, unfit or unwilling to perform the functions of the office.

(5) A person whose term of office as Chair or an appointed member expires or who has resigned shall be eligible for re-appointment.