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Road Races (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 2014

2014 CHAPTER 1

An Act to amend the Road Races (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 to provide for contingency days to be specified in an order authorising the use of roads in connection with road races and for the substitution of a contingency day for a day specified in such an order.

[17th January 2014]

BE IT ENACTED by being passed by the Northern Ireland Assembly and assented to by Her Majesty as follows:

Specification of contingency days in orders under Road Races (Northern Ireland) Order 1986N.I.

1—(1) Article 3 of the Road Races (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 (orders to authorise use of roads on specified days in connection with motor races) is amended as follows.

(2) After paragraph (1) insert—

(1A) An order under this Article may, in addition, specify the whole or part of not more than two other days for the purposes of paragraph (1E) (“contingency days”).

(1B) A contingency day must be one of the two days falling immediately before or immediately after a day specified under paragraph (1).

(1C) An order may not specify the whole or part of a Sunday as a contingency day unless the Department is satisfied that the terms of the order are such as to minimise as far as reasonably practicable any disruption to the activities of the local community on that day

(1D) An order authorising the use of the roads specified in the Schedule to the Road Races (North West 200) Order (Northern Ireland) 2013 may not specify as a contingency day—

(a)the whole of a Sunday; or

(b)any part of a Sunday beginning before 1.30 pm or ending after 6 pm.

(1E) Where an order—

(a)has been made under this Article, and

(b)contains provision under paragraph (1A),

the Department may, on an application made by the promoter in accordance with paragraph (1F), direct that the order shall have effect as if so much of a contingency day as is specified under paragraph (1A) were substituted for so much of a day specified in the order under paragraph (1); and where such a direction is given the order shall have effect in accordance with the direction.

(1F) An application or direction under paragraph (1E) must be in writing and may be made or given by any form of electronic communication; and an application for a direction under that paragraph in relation to a contingency day must be made not later than 24 hours before whichever is the earlier of—

(a)the beginning of the contingency day; or

(b)the beginning of the day specified in the order under paragraph (1) for which the contingency day is to be substituted.

(1G) If two contingency days are specified in an order under this Article, a direction under paragraph (1E) may be given in relation to those days either at the same time or at different times..

(3) After paragraph (8) insert—

(8A) The Department shall also secure that such public notice is given of the effect of any direction under paragraph (1E) as the Department considers appropriate for bringing the effect of the direction to the attention of the public..

(4) This Act—

(a)comes into operation on the day after this Act receives Royal Assent; and

(b)may be cited as the Road Races (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 2014.