14.   The statutory provisions set out in Schedule 4 are repealed to the extent specified in the second column of that Schedule.

Commencement and transitional, etc. provisions

15.—(1) Except as provided by subsection (2) and section 13, this Act comes into operation on the day after Royal Assent.

(2) The following provisions of this Act come into operation on such day or days as the Department may by order appoint—

(a)section 1 and Schedule 1;

(b)section 2;

(c)sections 4 and 5;

(d)section 9 and Schedules 2 and 3;

(e)Parts 1 and 3 of Schedule 4 and section 14 so far as relating thereto.

(3) An order under subsection (2) may contain such transitional or saving provisions as the Department of Justice thinks appropriate.

(4) Subsection (3) does not apply in relation to an order bringing section 9 or the repeals in Part 3 of Schedule 4 into operation (as to which see section 9(3)).

Short title

16.   This Act may be cited as the Criminal Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 2013.