Explanatory Memorandum

Business Improvement Districts Act (Northern Ireland) 2013

2013 CHAPTER 5

21 March 2013

Commentary on Sections

Section 5: BID proposals

Section 5 ensures that a BID project will only go ahead if the BID proposals have been approved by a ballot of those ratepayers identified in the BID proposals. Section 5 also allows the Department to set out in regulations the persons who can draw up BID proposals; the procedures for consultation, including who can be consulted on the proposals; the procedures which a person taking forward a BID arrangement should follow when drawing up BID proposals; what should be outlined in the BID proposals; when the BID arrangements would commence; the circumstances in which disclosure of relevant information must be made by DFP; the purpose(s) for which this information may be used; and provides for the creation of offences and penalties in relation to the unauthorised disclosure of any data provided by DFP.