SCHEDULE 1Minor and consequential amendments

The 2008 Act

19.—(1) Amend section 96 (alteration of objects clause) as follows.

(2) In the heading omit “clause”.

(3) In subsection (3)—

(a)for paragraph (a) substitute—

(a)an amendment of the company’s articles of association adding, removing or altering a statement of the company’s objects,;

(b)in paragraphs (b) and (c) for “memorandum or articles of association” substitute “articles of association”.

(4) For subsections (5) and (6) substitute—

(5) Where a company that has made a regulated alteration in accordance with subsection (2) is required—

(a)by section 26 of the Companies Act to send to the registrar of companies a copy of its articles as amended,

(b)by section 30 of that Act to forward to the registrar a copy of the special resolution effecting the alteration, or

(c)by section 31 of that Act to give notice to the registrar of the amendment,

the copy or notice must be accompanied by a copy of the Commission’s consent.

(5A) If more than one of those provisions applies and they are complied with at different times, the company need not send a further copy of the Commission’s consent if a copy was sent on an earlier occasion.

(6) Section 30(2) to (4) of that Act (offence of failing to comply with section 30) apply in relation to a failure to comply with subsection (5) as in relation to a failure to comply with that section..