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Expenses of witnesses, etc.N.I.

14—(1) The chairperson may, with the approval of OFMDFM, award such amounts as the chairperson thinks reasonable to a person—

(a)by way of compensation for loss of time; or

(b)in respect of expenses properly incurred, or to be incurred,

in attending, or otherwise in relation to, the inquiry.

(2) The power to make an award under this section includes power, where the chairperson with the approval of OFMDFM considers it appropriate, to award amounts in respect of legal representation.

(3) A person is eligible for an award under this section only if the person—

(a)is giving evidence to the inquiry or attending the inquiry to produce any document or other thing; or

(b)in the opinion of the chairperson, has such a particular interest in the proceedings or outcome of the inquiry as to justify such an award.

(4) The power to make an award under this section is subject to such conditions or qualifications as may be determined by OFMDFM and notified by OFMDFM to the chairperson.

Payment of inquiry expenses by OFMDFMN.I.

15—(1) OFMDFM may agree to pay to—

(a)the members of the inquiry panel;

(b)any assessor, counsel or solicitor to the inquiry; and

(c)any person engaged to provide assistance to the inquiry,

such remuneration and expenses as OFMDFM may determine.

(2) OFMDFM must pay any amounts awarded under section 14.

(3) OFMDFM must meet any other expenses incurred in holding the inquiry, including the cost of publication of the report (and any interim report) of the inquiry.

(4) Subsection (5) applies where OFMDFM—

(a)believes that there are matters in respect of which the inquiry panel is acting outside the inquiry's terms of reference, or is likely to do, and

(b)gives a notice to the chairperson specifying those matters and the reasons for that belief.

(5) Subject to provision made by rules under section 21, OFMDFM is not obliged under this section or otherwise to pay any amounts or to meet any expenses in so far as they are referable—

(a)to any matters certified by OFMDFM, in accordance with such provision, to be outside the inquiry's terms of reference, and

(b)to any period falling after the date on which the notice under subsection (4) was given.

(6) Within a reasonable time after the end of the inquiry OFMDFM must publish the total amount of what OFMDFM has paid (or remains liable to pay) under this section.