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Part 2 N.I.Marine Planning

Validity of marine plans and amendmentsN.I.

Validity of marine plansN.I.

10—(1) This section applies to—

(a)any marine plan,

(b)any amendment of a marine plan.

(2) Anything falling within the paragraphs of subsection (1) is referred to in this section as a “relevant document”.

(3) A relevant document must not be questioned in any legal proceedings, except in so far as is provided by the following provisions of this section.

(4) A person aggrieved by a relevant document may make an application to the High Court on any of the following grounds—

(a)that the document is not within the appropriate powers;

(b)that a procedural requirement has not been complied with.

(5) Any such application must be made not later than 12 weeks after the publication of the relevant document.

(6) In this section—

the appropriate powers” means the powers conferred by sections 4 to 7 or Schedule 1;

procedural requirement” means any requirement under the appropriate powers which relates to the preparation, adoption or publication of a relevant document.