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Part 5 N.I.Miscellaneous and General



34—(1) Any provision of Part 2 that amends another Act or Order so as—

(a)to modify a power to make an order or regulations, or

(b)to confer any such power,

comes into operation, for the purposes of the exercise of the power, on the day after this Act receives Royal Assent.

(2) The following provisions of this Act also come into operation on that day—

(a)section 1 and Schedule 1;

(b)section 23;

(c)section 25;

(d)section 26;

(e)sections 28 to 31;

(f)this section;

(g)section 35.

(3) The other provisions of this Act come into operation on such day or days as the Department for Social Development may by order appoint.

(4) The Department for Social Development may by order make transitional, transitory or saving provision in connection with the coming into operation of any provision of this Act.

Short titleN.I.

35  This Act may be cited as the Pensions Act (Northern Ireland) 2012.