The Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 (NI 11)

55.  In Article 2 (interpretation)—

(a)for paragraph (2) substitute—

(2) In this Order, “the Department”—

(a)in relation to any function under, or for the purposes of, Part 7, and so far as relating to that Part, Articles 102 to 104, 121, 122, 125, 125A and 130, means the Department for Social Development;

(b)in relation to any function under, or for the purposes of,Articles 100 and 101 and Article 103 so far as relating to the making of an order under Article 100, means the Department for Regional Development.;

(b)for paragraph (2A) substitute—

(2A) Section 250(1) of the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011, in so far as it relates to the definition of words or expressions used in that Act and in this Order, shall apply for the purposes of this Order as it applies for the purposes of that Act..

56.  After Article 85 (development schemes) insert—

Power of Department to survey land for purposes of this Part

85A.  The Department may undertake, or cause to be undertaken, such surveys or studies as it may consider necessary for the purposes of this Part, including surveys or studies relating to any of the following matters—

(a)the physical and economic characteristics of any area, including the purposes for which land is used;

(b)the size, composition and distribution of the population of an area;

(c)the communications, transport system and traffic of an area;

(d)any changes in relation to the foregoing matters and the effect which the changes are likely to have on the development of Northern Ireland or any part thereof or the planning of that development..

57.  In Article 93, for “development plan” substitute “local development plan”.

58.  In Article 125A (information as to estates in Crown land), in paragraph (4)(b) for “as to any of the matters mentioned in Article 123A(3)” substitute “as to national security or the measures taken or to be taken to ensure the security of any premises or property”.