Short death certificate

11.—(1) After Article 40 of the 1976 Order (short birth certificate) there shall be inserted the following Article—

Short death certificate

40A.  The Department may make regulations—

(a)providing as respects any entry in a register of deaths made after the commencement of section 11 of the Civil Registration Act (Northern Ireland) 2011, for the issue by the Registrar General or any registrar of a certificate of such of the items comprising that entry (other than items relating to the cause of death) as may be prescribed;

(b)providing for the form of any such certificate;

(c)providing for the particulars to be furnished by an applicant for such a certificate;

(d)providing for the manner in which any such certificate is to be compiled; and

(e)requiring the payment, by the applicant for the certificate, of the prescribed fee..

(2) In Article 34(5) of the 1976 Order (which contains provision that judicial notice shall be taken of any certificate under Article 40 of that Order), after “40” there shall be inserted “or 40A”.